DHI Vietnam

Using DHI’s global knowledge in water environments, our team in Vietnam delivers locally relevant solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

You can find out more by reading our local news and references, accessible from this page.

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Courses and events calendar

27-28 Jul
2 days
MIKE FLOOD This two-day course teaches you river flood modelling by integrating the 1D river model (MIKE HYDRO River) and 2D overland flow model (MIKE 21). The aim is to establish a 2D overland flow model for river flood modelling. Vietnam
28-29 Sep
2 days
MIKE URBAN WATER QUALITY This two-day course gives you an introduction to model water quality in urban collection system networks using MIKE URBAN. The aim is to enable you to set up and run basic water quality models and to assess and present the simulation results. Vietnam
23-24 Nov
2 days
WATER RESOURCES INFORMATION MANAGEMENT This two-day course gives you a sound knowledge of information management ‘Best Practices’ and how to configure systems to support your specific needs and the decision support processes. Vietnam