31 May 2016

DHI Malaysia participates in the PIANC YP-COM Asian Seminar held in the Philippines

DHI Malaysia has sent a representative to the second World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) YP-COM Asian Seminar held in Manila, Philippines conducted from 11-14 April 2016. Stanley Chuah, team leader of Coastal & Marine Department in DHI Malaysia, was sponsored by PIANC headquarters with the support from DHI Malaysia to attend the seminar.

With the aim to enhance and strengthen the young professionals’ knowledge networks in Asia, lectures given by experts and professionals within the waterborne transport infrastructure industry in the Asia-Pacific region as well as those working on world-class international projects.

Amongst those who conducted lectures include Rolando Querubin, the division manager of PPA on ‘The PPA RoRo Port System’ as well as technical presentations by Albert Lim from Tencate Geosynthetics on ‘New Trends and Development on Geotextile Fabric’.

In addition to the lectures, organisers also arranged a workshop on ‘The Future of Global Waterborne Transport Infrastructure’ to discuss emerging trends and new technologies affecting the development and use of waterborne transport infrastructure worldwide. The workshop was facilitated by Anne Cann (Secretary of PIANC USA), William Glamore (YP-Com Vice-Chair of the region), and Hidenori Takahashi (Japanese YP-Com Delegate). The discussion was highly beneficial and informative for the young professionals as they provided unrestricted insights into the current challenges of the waterborne navigation infrastructure in countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region as well as the solutions to these challenges.

Attendees were also given a guided tour of the Port of Batangas by the officials of PPA to witness the development and history of the expansion of the port.

‘It was great meeting people from all over to share our ideas and interests in the industry. I highly appreciated the communicative experiences and cross-cultural exchange. The highlight was the site visit to the Port of Batangas, South of Manila, where I got to learn about the daily operations of the port. I see a big advantage for young professionals in DHI to be part of PIANC YP-COM.’ Stanley Chuah, Coastal & Marine Department, DHI Malaysia

Attendees at the opening session of the 2nd YP-COM Asian Seminar © PPA


PIANC YP-COM, formed in 2006, is a commission of PIANC.  It is a professional group dedicated to the career development of young professional members of PIANC below the age 40. The YP-COM provides opportunities to young professionals to be more involved in the technical and networking aspects of PIANC. This includes networking opportunities, experience on technical working groups and scholarship opportunities.