21 Jun 2016

Our participation in the World Aquaculture Society Asia Pacific Conference 2016 in Indonesia

On the 26-29 April 2016, members from DHI Malaysia and DHI Singapore participated in the World Aquaculture Society (WAS) Asia Pacific Conference held in Surabaya, Indonesia. The conference was the biggest WAS Conference to date with 6000 participants in attendance and more than 200 booths.

For DHI, this year is a special year as Dr. Guillaume Drillet, DHI Business Area Manager for Asia Pacific, is the President Elect of the World Aquaculture Society, Asia Pacific Chapter 2016-2019. As the President Elect, Dr. Guillaume attended several high powered meetings with aquaculture leaders across Asia Pacific to discuss and form WAS policies and strategies for the upcoming years. He also took the opportunity to interact with students to develop their interest in aquaculture through a seminar and a student reception. 

DHI's aquaculture team at WAS Aquaculture Conference Asia PAcific in Surabaya © DHI

At the conference, the team from DHI Malaysia presented findings from a three-year study on aquaculture carrying capacity, aquaculture management, ecological studies and socio-economic studies that focused on a 9,300 ha proposed lobster grow-out aquaculture project. It is the first of its kind worldwide and located in Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia. 

Presenting at the Sustainable Development Session organised by WWF and Rabobank on 27 April 2016, Marjorie Lim, project engineer, and Melissa Mathews, project coordinator, presented on the ‘Use of numerical modelling tools to determine the carrying capacity and sustainability of future large scale lobster farming in Sabah, Malaysia’ project and ‘Marine aquaculture spatial plan as a tool for solving potential aquaculture conflicts’ project. 

The audience turnout was encouraging and the DHI speakers were able to discuss their findings with representatives of government agencies Our MIKE Powered by DHI software are used by researchers in Indonesia in the field of aquaculture.

Our exhibition booth at the conference showcased our expertise within aquaculture ranging from aquaculture food safety, feed testing, carrying capacity works, aquaculture management, MIKE Powered by DHI modelling technology, aquaculture environmental impact assessments and copepod grow-out technical capacity. 

The DHI aquaculture team took the opportunity to network with leaders of the Asian Pacific aquaculture industry ranging from aquaculture feed, aquaculture farmers, government agencies and aquaculture scientists. Our team has gained valuable clientele during the conference and are currently assisting them in optimising their aquaculture production systems.