01 Jun 2017

HYDRO Portal Release

We are pleased to announce to MIKE Users across Australia our official release of the HYDRO Portal.

HYDRO Portal is DHI's response to ARR 2016, and is delivered as a free web tool.

The biggest change in the new ARR 2016 is the move from single temporal patterns for design events to an ensemble of temporal patterns for each ARI/Duration combination. This means more hydrology simulations, and possibly more hydraulic simulations. 

We have made it easy to convert your RORB, RAFTS and URBS hydrology output files to DFS0 format…simply drag and drop the files, and convert.

Our Rainfall Generator sources design rainfall data from the BoM Data Hub, and presents a combined IFD table for your location of interest. Browse the map, submit your location, select design storms and choose output options for DFS0 rainfall files. Download your rainfall files for Direct Rainfall applications, and all the source CSV and TXT files from the Data Hub, in one easy step.

As the web tool develops, look for the addition of MIKE21 FM, MIKE HYDRO, MIKE11 and MIKE FLOOD coupled setups within the Hydraulic Ensemble Manager.  We will also be adding post-processing quick tools for managing and analysing the results from a hydraulic ensemble (range of water levels, event ranking, etc.). 

You can access the portal via au.dhigroup.com/arr (Chrome). 

If you would like more information on our HYDRO Portal please contact mfb@dhigroup.com or phone 1300 655 592.