18 Jun 2021

Interview with Matthew Cerruti of Kempsey Shire Council

With the MIKE URBAN+ software (water distribution systems, sewage collection systems, and storm water drainage systems) expanding to include urban flooding and water quality modelling, it was renamed to MIKE+ in late 2020. DHI continues to see a strong adoption rate by water engineers across Australia in adopting MIKE+.

In this interview with Matthew Cerutti, Water and Sewer Planning Engineer at Kempsey Shire Council, we find out about his experience with the urban tools within MIKE +.

Q. Tell me more about your experience in the water and wastewater industry?
A. I began working in the water /wastewater industry in 2012 in Victoria. I worked for a couple of the water businesses around Melbourne as a process engineer. I was involved in commissioning water and wastewater treatment plant upgrades, planning for growth, and assisting with a minor works program.

Q. How long have you been using numerical water modelling software?
I have been familiar with various types of software and their results, but I have only had about a year of hands-on experience using the software.

Q. Why did Kempsey Shire Council choose MIKE+ for its water distribution and wastewater network modelling?
Value for money. You get a world-class modelling software at a fraction of the price. The software is easy to use, even for those with minimal background in network modelling. It provides a small council like Kempsey the ability to perform valuable network modelling to improve our supply networks.

Q. How was the transition from your previous network modelling packages to MIKE+ ? Was it a difficult transition?
A.  Prior to using the MIKE+ software, Kempsey Shire Council did not do much network modelling internally. In the past the work was undertaken by an external consultant or a part-time contractor. Creating the models in MIKE+ was very straightforward and the transition was easy.

Q. What about the actual use of the software?  Was the transition to the new MIKE+ graphical user interface difficult?
 The use of the software is very user friendly. MIKE+ is setup in a logical way such that when providing inputs, the process is clear, and any errors are easily identified. When I undertook the Water Network training, we still had some models in the old version. The new interface is much easier and simpler to use. Plus, the team at DHI have provided great support through the migration process.

Q. Now that you have been a DHI customer for a while, what has the experience been like?
A.  The support from DHI has been second to none. Nearly every question I have had has been resolved within hours. Every aspect, from formal training, to on going support, has been fantastic.

Q. Where to from here?
A.  We are currently in the process of preparing the Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy which will provide a 30-year strategy for water and wastewater services. A key component of this work is demand and network modelling. We are using MIKE+ to inform this work and assist in the long-term planning for the shire. We are also planning to expand into the Wastewater Collection module soon.