12 Apr 2021

Interview with Cliff Dredge from Clarence Valley Council

Since its release in late 2019 in Australia, DHI continues to see a positive and swift adoption of MIKE+, DHI’s next generation urban modelling software. In this interview with Cliff Dredge, Project Manager (Water Cycle) from Clarence Valley Council (NSW), we find out about his experience with MIKE+ since adopting it in 2020.

Q. Tell me more about your experience in the water distribution industry?
A. I commenced my engineering career in 2013 with the Clarence Valley Council and have been with them since. I’ve primarily been involved with capital and operations project management and network planning.

Q. How long have you been using numerical water modelling software?
A. For the past 7yrs I’ve been using numerical water modelling software. I developed and operate the water distribution hydraulic model for the Clarence Valley Council, and I’ve operated several software packages during this time.

Q. Why did the Clarence Valley Council choose MIKE+ for its water distribution network modelling?
A. As part of an assessment of various water modelling software products on the market council trialled the MIKE+ software and was very pleased with the user-friendly editor and smart interface. Council was looking for a better product and support services and DHI have provided this so far. MIKE +’s integrated platform also means that if the council decides to undertake wastewater modelling in the future it will be easy to include.

Q. As a new MIKE user, was the transition to MIKE+ difficult?
A.  The transition has been surprisingly easy. I have been very happy with the support from DHI and they not only offered to assist in gratis model conversions but provided customised one on one online training. This included the opportunity to identify what to learn and focus on during each session.

Q. What has the experience been like being a DHI customer?
A.  I have had a very positive experience. It is also really reassuring that with our service and maintenance benefits as part of our licence that I can call or e-mail anytime for local Australian based support. The technical support team has been great and are always quick to respond.

Q. Where to from here?
A.   I enjoy improving the model by continuously updating and learning new functions like water quality modelling, integrating SCADA data and advanced scenario management. And I’d really like to procure the waste collection module and get started on that in the near future.