24 Apr
1 day
ModelSkill – Validating models with an open-source Python library This webinar unveils DHI's new open-source Python library, ModelSkill, aimed at streamlining model validation (e.g. MIKE, FEFLOW, WEST). To register, click "Register here". Online Register
16 May
1 day
FEFLOW – Bridging the gap between theory and practice in unsaturated flow modelling Join the fourth session of our 2024 monthly webinar series! In our May installment, we will be discussing the many topics surrounding unsaturated flow modelling in FEFLOW. To register, click "Register here". Online Register
30 May
1 day
DHI BlueCast – Unveiling the future of marine forecasting Join us for the exclusive launch of BlueCast, a revolutionary marine forecasting and operational optimisation solution. Click "register here" for more information. Online Register
20 Jun
1 day
FEFLOW – Optimising 3D unstructured meshes In this webinar, you will learn about several workflows to enhance efficiency when creating 3D unstructured meshes in FEFLOW. Time: 15:00 UTC To register, click "Register here". Online Register
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