Transboundary river basin flood risk management - DHI Case Story

Conducting flood hazard and risk mapping for the complex Evros River Basin

Z&A P. Antonaropoulos & Associates S.A. is the leader of a Greek consortium tasked by the Special Secretariat for Water of the Ministry of Environment (Greece) with developing the Flood Risk Management Plan for the Greek part of the Evros River Basin. Shared by Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece, flooding in one part of the transboundary Evros River Basin can have far reaching consequences in other parts. After completing our MIKE FLOOD training course and with our support (provided throughout the project), Z&A designed flood hazard and flood risk maps for the Greek part of the Evros River Basin. As the first milestone towards implementation of European Union Flood Directive 2007/60/EC in Greece, the plan will help the country mitigate the effects of flooding along the Evros River.