03 Mar 2017

How a water quality management system reduced costs and health risks for Central Greece

A solution to having a holistic view of the Spercheios river basin and coastal zone

Local authorities wanted to be better prepared for the threats of frequent flooding and poor water quality of the Spercheios river. © DHI

Spercheios River in Central Greece contributes to frequent floods and also receives substantial agrochemical loads and wastewater from nearby sources. 

Lack of access to timely, accurate and centrally-stored data inhibited the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) from having a holistic view of Spercheios’ river basin and coastal zone.

An integrated monitoring, forecasting and water quality management system 
Our solution: By deploying flood and hydrological models, as well as an early warning and forecasting Decision Support System (DSS), HCMR is now able to progress in their water management and restoration measures.

The framework that was implemented will bring about:

• improved operational efficiency
• better preparedness
• reduced costs for local farmers

‘The DSS solution is expected to improve the operational efficiency of researchers, competent authorities and decision makers in Central Greece by providing timely and accurate information to support water management and restoration measures. In the mid- to long-term we anticipate that the system will facilitate the reduction of hydromorphologic and pollution pressures in the Spercheios river basin and Maliakos Gulf.’

Elias Dimitriou, Main Researcher, HCMR

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