05 Oct 2016

Spurring the growth of knowledge for environmental protection

The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Asia Pacific (SETAC) held their biannual conference recently and for the first time in Southeast Asia and Singapore. DHI has sent down our representatives from the Environmental Laboratory department of DHI Singapore to share their expertise in the field of laboratory testing and toxicology as well as a presentation on a project conducted for National Parks (NParks) Singapore given by our Principal Plankton Scientist, Aurore Trottet.

With the theme of Managing Environmental Quality in the Asian Century, the conference aimed to spur the growth and progress of the knowledge needed to protect environmental quality and resources, and to develop platforms to provoke and exchange multi-disciplinary ideas and approaches in the community.

Held from 16 to 19 September 2016, the international conference convened by SETAC Asia-Pacific brought together scientists, assessors, regulators and managers from the ministries as well as various industries and academia to meet the challenge of managing environmental quality in Asia.

Guillaume Drillet, DHI Singapore’s section head in ecological processes and aquaculture, and Jon Dominic Habito, answering queries by students during the poster presentation session © SETAC

The project conducted for NParks is part of the Made in Plankton research programme which aimed to use selected meso-zooplankton species to forecast eventual threats to Singapore’s aquatic ecosystems. Titled ‘Non-proportional bioaccumulation of trace metals and metalloids in the planktonic food web of two Singapore coastal marine inlets with contrasting water residence times’, the project studied trace metal concentrations in two water bodies separated by a causeway at Jurong Island with no water exchange between them. The results of the study found that trace metal concentrations in water are not reliable indicators of bioaccumulation at higher trophic levels of the food web.

DHI’s Principal Plankton Scientist, Aurore Trottet, delivering her presentation during the SETAC Conference © SETAC

Having a common mission of knowledge-sharing, particularly of environmental concerns, DHI is proud to have been a part of this conference, and recognise it as an important avenue for experts to share their knowledge and experience in the field of environmental toxicology and chemistry. 

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