11 Feb 2016

New training course on ‘Modelling of green solutions for urban stormwater management’

MIKE URBAN users can now learn about the new water-sensitive urban design functionality. Courses are planned in Denmark, New Zealand and United Kingdom in 2016.

The combination of expanding urban landscapes and a changing climate has resulted in many communities taking a closer look at their stormwater management policies and practices. In most cases, the replacement of existing infrastructure is simply not feasible. As a result, other solutions are needed to buffer the impacts of additional precipitation.  Alternative solutions such as rain gardens, green rooftops, rain barrels and porous pavement, among others, are often referred to as ‘Green Solutions’ because they promote the use of the natural environment (such as vegetation, soil storage and infiltration) for managing stormwater runoff.

DHI now offers a new 2-day training course focused on providing participants with a solid foundation of knowledge and experience in evaluating and modelling green solutions for stormwater management.  Participants will learn about approaches to the modelling of various types of green infrastructure using MIKE URBAN as well as their effects on storm events. In particular, the attendees will learn – through hands-on exercises – how to use the water-sensitive urban design functionality that MIKE URBAN now possesses with MIKE 2016. Accordingly, it is today possible to properly build and implement water-sensitive urban design practices and preserve, as well as create natural, beautiful landscapes in urban areas.

With MIKE URBAN, we can create beautiful and useful landscapes in urban areas. © DHI

Morten Kjølby, Senior Trainer, co-developer of MIKE URBAN and specialist in climate adaptation and urban water projects worldwide says, ‘Our participants learn how to perform detailed hydraulic modelling of drainage networks such as soakaways, as well as model low impact developments (LIDS) as part of the stormwater run-off simulation. That is very important for MIKE URBAN users who are either working with stormwater projects or planning to do so. They need to be able to quantify and document the effects of introducing green infrastructure, for instance in relation to climate change adaptation options, the improvement of water quality in recipients and rainwater harvesting in cities with water shortage.’

The first course on ‘Modelling of green solutions for urban stormwater management’ was already implemented successfully at DHI Headquarters in Denmark on 26 and 27 January. The course was attended by participants from Danish and Swedish urban water utilities, wastewater entities and urban consultants.  MIKE URBAN user Dr Tove Kiilerich, Civil Engineer, Rambøll, Denmark is delighted about the new MIKE URBAN functionality and the course, saying, ‘Thanks for a really good and very fruitful course’.

MIKE URBAN users learn how to use the water sensitive urban design functionality that  MIKE URBAN
possesses with MIKE 2016. © DHI

At the moment, we have scheduled this new course to take place three times during 2016 – in New Zealand (8-9 March), United Kingdom (22-23 June), New Zealand (18-19 October) and finally again in Denmark (20-21 October).

Should you be interested in other locations and/or a tailored course related to MIKE URBAN, please contact us.

We look forward to seeing you at our courses.