01 Apr 2016

White House seeks water solutions from Denmark and DHI

DHI and other Danish water-technology companies took part in a water summit organised by the White House recently to showcase Denmark’s water technologies and solutions.

The World Water Summit, held in conjunction with World Water Day on 22 March, gathered more than 200 high level decision makers, authorities and companies of the water sector to define new goals and discuss solutions for America’s water problems. It aimed to kick-start discussions and sharing of ideas on a sustainable and secure water future through science and technologies. President Obama issued a national referendum instructing agencies to implement solutions.

Danish companies were the only non-American businesses to participate in the Summit. Renowned globally for our water technologies, we were invited to showcase our know-hows, solutions and competencies in solving water challenges.

The Danish exhibition included an impressive city model made up of Lego blocks to showcase Danish solutions – from groundwater mapping to energy-producing wastewater purification. The extensive Lego model contains a town with a 1.5m-tall skyscraper, a water treatment plant and an underground water supply complete with drilling and water pipes. The model was built with more than 20,000 Lego pieces.  

Danish water technologies demonstrated through Lego model ©DHI

Denmark’s participation in the Water Summit is the result of a coordinated effort between the Ministry of Environment and Food, the Danish Embassy in Washington DC and 13 leading Danish companies and organisations within the Danish water sector. These include DHI, Danfoss, Grundfos, Kamstrup, AVK, Ramboll, DANVA, State of Green and Aarhus Water.

The Obama administration realises the knowledge and expertise that Denmark possesses in water technologies and are looking forward to a more active collaboration. President Obama has issued a national referendum instructing agencies to implement the solutions they have seen during the summit. The engagement of Denmark water-technology companies during the water summit indicates the great interest in learning and employing of Denmark’s technologies to solve water issues in America.

‘The Lego model shows the best we can do in Denmark across the entire water sector from groundwater mapping over effective water supply to energy producing wastewater treatment plants. We have the complete solutions that are even energy-neutral and which the Americans are thirsting for. There is a giant potential for export of water technology to the US which we need to become better at exploring as it will lead to growth and new jobs in Denmark.’ – Esben Lunde Larsen, Minister for the Environment and Food of Denmark