DHI are the first people you should call when you have a tough challenge to solve in a water environment — be it a river, a reservoir, an ocean, a coastline, within a city or a factory.

Our knowledge of water environments is second-to-none. It represents 50 years of dedicated research, and real-life experience from more than 140 countries. We strive to make this knowledge globally accessible to clients and partners by channelling it through our local teams and unique software.

Our world is water. So whether you need to save water, share it fairly, improve its quality, quantify its impact or manage its flow, we can help. Our knowledge, combined with our team’s expertise and the power of our technology, holds the key to unlocking the right solution.

DHI Malaysia

DHI Water and Environment (M) Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 535484-V) is a Malaysian incorporated company formed in 2001, with the share capital held by DHI’s head office in Denmark and operating under DHI’s regional management from Singapore.  DHI Malaysia is based in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu, following on from DHI’s branch office established after the completion of the West Coast of Sabah Shoreline Management Plan study executed for the Sabah State Government over the period 1997 to 1998.  

DHI Malaysia employs 72 staff, 61 locals and 11 expatriates.

The activities of DHI Malaysia are mainly related to marine and coastal engineering, environmental studies and Environmental Impact Assessments, aquaculture studies and integrated water resources management.  The majority of professional staff in DHI Malaysia has specific experience related to impact assessment and environmental management studies.

Courses and events calendar

5-6 Apr
2 days
MIKE HYDRO RIVER This two-day course gives you an introduction to the capabilities of the MIKE HYDRO River modelling system in order to enable you to set up and run basic river models with MIKE HYDRO River. Malaysia
26-27 Apr
2 days
MIKE HYDRO RIVER This two-day course increases your skills to develop advanced river models for flood plain studies, irrigation systems, and complex river networks with hydraulic structures and advanced control of operational gates, etc. Malaysia
11-12 Jul
2 days
MIKE 21 SW This two-day course teaches you the fundamentals of wave modelling as well as gives you an introduction on how to set up spectral wave models for various applications using MIKE 21 SW. Malaysia
26-27 Jul
2 days
MIKE 21 BW This course two-day course teaches you the fundamentals of wave modelling as well as gives you an introduction on how to set up wave agitation models for various applications using the MIKE 21 Boussinesq Wave (BW) in both 1D and 2D. Malaysia
16-17 Aug
2 days
MIKE HYDRO BASIN This two-day course gives you an overview of how to use MIKE HYDRO Basin to support river basin management and reservoir operations. The course can be adapted to focus on different aspects of river basin management including hydropower, surface water gr Malaysia
12-13 Sep
2 days
MIKE 21 SW/BW This two-day course helps you predict and analyse wave climates in offshore and coastal areas and wave conditions in ports and behind structures where accurate assessment of wave impact is of utmost importance. Malaysia
3-4 Oct
2 days
MIKE FLOOD This two-day course teaches you river flood modelling by integrating the 1D river model (MIKE HYDRO River) and 2D overland flow model (MIKE 21). The aim is to establish a 2D overland flow model for river flood modelling. Malaysia