DHI is a global leader in solving the world’s toughest challenges in water environments – using knowledge gained from more than 50 years of dedicated research and real-life experience in 140 countries. 

DHI India Water & Environment Pvt. Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DHI Group. Established in India as an independent company in 2001, it represents over 15 years of dedicated research and expertise from the different projects executed all over India. Read more.

DHI India

Upcoming training courses

18-20 Sep
3 days
MIKE SHE This three-day, hands-on course covers the physical and modelling aspects of all the processes in the hydrological cycle. It provides hands-on experience with MIKE SHE's easy to use, model independent graphical user interface, as well as time for discussion related to hydrologic projects relevant to the participants. India
18-21 Sep
4 days
MIKE 21C This three-day, hands-on course will teach you the theoretical and practical aspects of cohesive and non-cohesive sediment transport modelling in rivers and reservoirs. We can adapt the course to your individual requests. MIKE 21 Curvilinear (MIKE 21C) consists of a curvilinear hydrodynamics module (CHD) and a sediment transport model (CST). A curvilinear grid generator is also available for preparation of the curvilinear grids for the simulations. India
27-29 Nov
3 days
MIKE HYDRO BASIN This three-day, hands-on course gives you an overview of the capabilities of MIKE HYDRO Basin and how it can be used create models for river basin management and reservoir operations. In addition to the basic content, the course includes a number of optional modules that may be appropriate depending on the level of experience and needs of course participants (see below). India
18-20 Dec
3 days
FEFLOW This three-day, hands-on course provides you with an introduction to groundwater modelling using FEFLOW. You will learn the basic concepts of the software through building two and three-dimensional flow and solute-transport models applying the most important programme functions, including pre-processing, simulation and results evaluation. India