National flood mapping for Slovakia

The first nation-wide project of flood hazard and flood risk mapping in line with the European Union Floods Directive

Slovakia, as a European Union member state, is required to establish flood risk management plans for the year 2015. These plans indicate to policy makers, developers and the general public of the measures that Slovakia has put in place to manage flood risks and mitigate the effects should flood events occur. Our client, river operator Slovak Water Management Enterprise, is a state-authorised organisation for the implementation of the Floods Directive (Directive 2007/60/EC of the European Parliament) – a legislation in the European Parliament on the assessment and management of flood risks. In preparing the flood risk management plans, input such as flood hazard maps and flood risk maps are essential. Together with our partner Stengl a.s., we have signed a contract with Slovak Water Management Enterprise to help them deliver flood hazard maps and flood risk maps to the EU in line with the compulsory flood risk management plans.