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In the world of water, our knowledge is second-to-none, and we strive to make it globally accessible to clients and partners.

So whether you need to save water, share it fairly, improve its quality, quantify its impact or manage its flow, we can help. Our knowledge, combined with our team’s expertise and the power of our technology, hold the key to unlocking the right solution.

Using DHI’s global knowledge in water environments, our team in Canada delivers locally relevant solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. You can find out more by reading our local news and references, accessible from this page.

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Courses and events calendar

20-23 Sep
4 days
FEFLOW INTERNATIONAL USERS CONFERENCE 2021 Join fellow FEFLOW users and renowned experts from across the globe in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada for this four-day biannual event. Together we will exchange ideas, share experiences, explore the latest innovations and trends in groundwater modelling, discuss practical challenges and potential solutions. This conference begins with two days of presentations by FEFLOW users and keynote speakers followed by two days of training workshops. For more details and to register http://events.dhigroup.com/feflow-2021/ Canada

Upcoming Webinars

10 Feb
1 day
Webinar: An introduction to groundwater modelling with FEFLOW FEFLOW is widely recognised as a comprehensive software package for subsurface flow and transport simulation. FEFLOW’s unique meshing capabilities (structured and unstructured) allows for the highest degree of flexibility to account in detail for the most simple to complex geometrical configurations. In this one-hour webinar, Dr. Villarreyes, Global Product Specialist – FEFLOW, will provide an introduction to groundwater modelling with FEFLOW as well as a live demo of building a model. 06:00-07:00 UTC Online Register
11 Feb
1 day
Webinar: Future City Flow, take control of your inflow and infiltration. The right measures at the right time now and in the future Future City Flow is a cloud-based decision support system that addresses multiple challenges utilities are facing in planning and operating waste water systems. During this 60 minute webinar you will view a demo of Future City Flow and be introduced to the three main functionalities: Data management and presentation, real-time operation which allows you to control your flows by executing weather adapted control strategies and long term strategic planning, optimizing the value of the investment. 17:00-18:00UTC Online Register
10 Mar
1 day
Webinar: Modelling density-driven flow for mining applications with FEFLOW FEFLOW is the industry standard tool for groundwater modelling and is widely used in the mining sector around the globe. Typically hydrogeological systems dominated with hyper-saline conditions (e.g. Lithium and Potash mines) require the modelling of flow and mass transport processes in a coupled manner. In this dedicated technical webinar, Dr. Carlos Rivera Villarreyes, Global Product Specialist – FEFLOW, gives an overview of modelling density-driven flow. 06:00-07:00 UTC Online Register
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