10 May 2016

Our new Tech Talk episode three: Computational Fluid Dynamics

We have just uploaded the third installment of our Tech Talk, this time putting computational fluid dynamics in focus. Over the years, DHI has increasingly helped our clients solve the toughest challenges in water environments using the power of computational fluid dynamics.

Our success in helping our clients overcome their water challenges has always been hinged on hydrodynamic modelling and the usage of simulations to predict water flows. A testimony of this is the continued success of our MIKE Powered by DHI software, which employs clever assumptions to allow modelling on large scales and over long periods. 

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations fills the gap of hydrodynamic modelling capacity when used in a setting where almost no modelling assumption can be applied, and where an in-depth knowledge of detailed flow patterns is required. During the last couple of decades, CFD has matured into a powerful, reliable, and extremely versatile engineering tool, which we use to solve a still wider range of problems.

At DHI, we use CFD in combination with our other core technologies – primarily our MIKE Powered by DHI software and our Experimental Fluid Dynamic in-house facilities. Together with our experts’ in-depth knowledge of both the underlying physics and numerics, this approach ensures optimal solutions for our clients. Examples of areas where we use CFD to help our clients are:

  • Optimisation of hydraulic structures at power plants (hydro, nuclear and fossil-fired plants)
  • Modelling of strongly non-linear wave fields over complex topographies
  • Supporting water pump system design and operation
  • Calculation of mixing in multiphase flows, plume outfalls and dredging activities 
  • Modelling of urban and industrial flow hydrodynamics and related processes
  • Calculation of loads and flow fields around various kinds of structures
CFD simulation of the complex flow pattern around a structure hit by a wave © Bjarne Jensen, DTU

Case stories for your inspiration 

Below we share just a few of our recent projects, where we used CFD to achieve optimal solutions for our clients and partners. Be inspired and feel free to contact us to talk about your specific water challenge.