DHI USA offers consulting services and advanced technological solutions to our clients in the mining, coast and marine, urban, and water resources sectors. 

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DHI USA delivers specialist environmental consulting services and advanced technological solutions within the water industry. We contribute to water management in the mining sector, support environmental impact assessments for offshore and inshore oil and gas facilities, support resource-to-market developments like ports including dredging and reclamation work, set industry standards in flood management and water resources assessments, and work to improve stormwater and wastewater networks. Drawing upon DHI's global knowledge, our local teams develop tailor-made solutions and provide specialized services to help solve your specific water challenges.

The MIKE Powered by DHI water modeling software suite is recognized as the industry standard. Our software products are unique in that they can be used within all water environments including oceans and coastlines, rivers and reservoirs, ecology, groundwater, water distribution, wastewater, and more. Thousands of professionals have selected MIKE software to help solve some of the most complex and toughest issues in their water environments – whether it involves physical, chemical, or biological processes. 

Upcoming Webinars

6 Jun
1 day
MIKE 2023 Update 1 Release – What’s new in MIKE+ Join this webinar where we will unveil the latest features of MIKE+ 2023 Update 1. Date: 06th June 2023. Time: 15:00 UTC. Cost: Free of Charge. Online Register
7 Jun
1 day
MIKE+ – Modelling urban drainage with separate systems In this webinar, we show you how to use various tools in MIKE+ to create and edit an easy-to-understand urban rainfall runoff model with a separate drainage system. Date: 7 June 2023 | Time: 14:00 UTC | Cost: Free of charge* Online Register
15 Jun
1 day
FEFLOW – Unsaturated-flow modelling: A smooth introduction for groundwater modellers Join the fifth session of our new monthly webinar series! These FEFLOW-related webinars focus on recurring training for groundwater modellers, geologists and hydrogeologists around the world and will take place on the third Thursday of every month. In our June instalment, you will learn about basic concepts for modelling the unsaturated zone and infiltration processes. Date: 15/06/23. Time: 15:00 UTC. Cost: Free of Charge. Online Register
20 Jun
1 day
MIKE Data Link – Automating the most time-consuming steps in model creation Join this webinar to learn more about MIKE Data Link, a new cloud application that helps maritime and coastal modellers improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability through the power of automation. Date: 20 June 2023 | Time: 15:00 UTC | Cost: Free of Charge Online Register