DHI USA is expanding its consulting services and building partnerships to deliver advanced software tools and solutions in coastal and marine environments as well as urban and water resource practices.

DHI USA is growing our vast water consulting business and sharing our distinctive software tools with decision makers. Our software enables clients to better communicate about water management issues, streamline the development of 2D graphical models (even when they require complex data) and quickly deploy the web-presentation and mobile device information necessary to ensure emergency preparedness and in managing water risks.

Upcoming Webinars

10 Apr
1 day
DHI NZ WEBINAR: Heavy Metals In Urban Waterways: Causes and Consequences This free, 30-minute webinar discusses different aspects of heavy metal contamination in urban water ways, with examples both nationally and internationally. In addition, you will get an overview of the necessary mitigation options, for both freshwater and coastal receiving environments, to support decision making. Topics you will cover: Heavy metal ecotoxicity Catchment loads In-stream concentration Metal bioavailability Metal accumulation Mitigation options Online Register
8 May
1 day
DHI NZ WEBINAR: Modelling Water Quality in Rivers – Black Box or White Box? Monitoring of river water quality informs the public of potential health risks posed by contact with water. Predictive models used for forecasting can be of two types – white box (deterministic based) or black box (regression based). In this webinar, you will hear an overview of both types of modelling approaches and recommendations on their applications. Online Register
5 Jun
1 day
DHI NZ WEBINAR: Wetlands For Water Sensitive Cities Urban Water Transitions Framework identifies six distinct developmental “states” of a city on its path to increased water sensitivity. The highest state is the water sensitive city, which is based on holistic management of the integrated water cycle to protect and enhance the health of receiving waterways. In this webinar, you will hear how wetlands are the key technology in the design of water sensitive cities for sustainable urban water management. Online Register
13 Jun
1 day
MIKE URBAN This free, 1.5-hour intermediate level webinar provides insight into real time control modeling of collection systems. The aim is to enable you to set up a reliable real time control model and to analyze and present the simulation results. MIKE URBAN CS is a GIS-based software system for the data management and modelling of surface runoff, flows, water quality and sediment transport in urban catchments and collection systems. 15:00-16:30 UTC (11:00 am EST) Online
20 Jun
1 day
SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT Effective waterfront management and development requires an in-depth understanding of the coastal water environment and controlling processes to assure long-term sustainability. In addition, tourist facilities are increasingly vulnerable to climate change impacts such as hurricanes and floods. In this free, one-hour webinar, we’ll reveal how better preparedness secures your most valuable assets resulting in significant investment and operational savings. 15:00-16:00 UTC (11:00am EST) Online
27 Jun
1 day
MIKE TECHNOLOGY This free, one-hour webinar will introduce you to the world of MIKE Powered by DHI technologies. MIKE Powered by DHI technologies can be used for a wide range of challenges in water environments, including oceans, coastlines, harbors and ports, sediment transport, water quality and ecology, surface and groundwater, rivers and reservoirs, flooding, climate change, water management, water distribution, collection systems, wastewater treatment, and flow in porous media. 15:00-16:00 UTC (11am EST) Online
3 Jul
1 day
DHI NZ WEBINAR: An introduction to DHI: Non-thematic This is a non-technical introduction to ‘who is DHI’ – services and software. We will talk about DHI’s background and philosophy being a not-for-profit organisation, as well as the range of software options covering all aspects of water and the capacity building, training and knowledge sharing support options available. Online Register
22 Aug
1 day
MIKE 21C This free, one hour webinar will teach you the theoretical and practical aspects of cohesive and non-cohesive sediment transport modeling in rivers and reservoirs. MIKE 21 Curvilinear (MIKE 21C) consists of a curvilinear hydrodynamics module (CHD) and a sediment transport model (CST). A curvilinear grid generator is also available for preparation of the curvilinear grids for the simulations. 15:00 - 16:00 UTC 11:00am EST Online
4 Sep
1 day
DHI NZ WEBINAR: MIKE URBAN+ Following the launch of the new MIKE URBAN+ earlier in the year, join senior urban modeller Rathika Jebamony as she takes you through the new interface, providing tips and tricks along the way, including the main differences between the new interface and the older MIKE URBAN Classic interface. Online Register
12 Sep
1 day
MIKE URBAN This free, one-hour webinar provides an introduction to the different approaches of modeling green infrastructure in MIKE URBAN and their effect on different types of storm events. In addition, you are introduced to storm water quality and treatment options. The webinar encompasses all types of the green infrastructure practices on the local level thus including bio-retention cells, rain gardens, green roofs, infiltration trenches, permeable pavements, rain barrels and vegetative swales. 16:00-17:00 UTC (12pm EST) Online
24 Sep
1 day
MIKE 3 This free, one-hour webinar will introduce an advanced modeling application (MIKE3 Wave FM) that focuses on accurate calculation of wave transformation from deep to shallow water until it reaches the very edge of marine structures. This is of great importance to planners, designers, authorities and asset owners. This new knowledge supports cost effective design and planning of marine infrastructures exposed to wave forcings. 16:00-17:00 UTC (12:00pm EST) Online
3 Oct
1 day
MIKE21 This free, 1.5 hour webinar will focus on the integrated modeling of sediment transport processes in coastal and estuarine environments using the sediment transport modules available in MIKE 21 and 3. The session also includes several examples of application of the modules, including use of the morphology and shoreline morphology features in MIKE 21. 16:00-17:30 UTC 12:00 pm EST Online
9 Oct
1 day
DHI NZ WEBINAR: Remote Sensing To Monitor Water Quality Remote-sensing is increasingly becoming the popular method to detect water quality in both fresh and coastal environments. In this webinar, you will hear how remote sensing could be used to produce accurate and seamless maps of water quality, including algae blooms and suspended matter content. Online Register
17 Oct
1 day
WATERNET ADVISOR This free, one hour webinar will provide a live demonstration of WaterNet Advisor – a web based modeling tool that allows water utilities to quickly and efficiently operate hydraulic models from personal computers, smart phones, and tablets (mobile devices). We will run user-defined scenarios to demonstrate ease of use for engineering operation and maintenance. We will showcase the ability to receive real-time data from SCADA, offering real-time hindcasting, and forecasting. 16:00-17:00 UTC (12:00pm EST) Online
6 Nov
1 day
DHI NZ WEBINAR: Managing Water-Related Health Risks Exposure to contaminated water is an important route for the transmission of diarrhoeal pathogen in addition to the cause of other illnesses such as respiratory, skin rash, earache, and eye irritations. In this webinar, you will hear how Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) could be used to estimate health risks and develop guidelines to protect public health. Online Register
4 Dec
1 day
DHI NZ WEBINAR: Plastic Litter – Where Does It End Up In Coastal Waters? It is estimated that more than 4.8 million tonnes of plastics were floating in marine environments in 2010. This number is expected to increase by 50-fold by 2100. Cleanup systems need to be actively deployed to collect the plastic litter in the marine environment. In this webinar, you will hear how Agent Based Modelling (ABM) could be used to identify the best sites to place cleanup systems so as to trap the maximum amount of plastics. International case studies will be presented. Online Register

Upcoming Live Courses

28 May
1 day
MIKE 21 Join DHI for a free workshop in St. Petersburg, FL to learn more about the new features of MIKE 21 FM ST/SM and MIKE 3 Wave FM led by one of the developers. Discover new capabilities of this robust marine software and be inspired by examples of recent applications. After the presentation will be time for drinks and networking with other coastal modelers attending the Coastal Sediments '19 Conference. 5:45pm-6:45pm EST. Networking 6:45-7:30pm EST. USA


Getting Started with Flood Modeling using MIKE FLOOD
The purpose of this modular, self-paced, free online course is to provide a new user of MIKE FLOOD with an insight into the benefits of coupling models together, and how to do it within MIKE FLOOD. Register       

Operationalizing Your Data and Modules using MIKE OPERATIONS
The purpose of this modular, self-paced, free online course is to give you a general introduction and understanding of MIKE OPERATIONS and the most important steps in the configuration and setup of an operational flood forecast system. Register

Managing the Impacts of Underwater Noise 
This modular, self-paced, free online course shows you how to carry out biological risk assessments of environmental noise impacts. Register

Getting Started with Water Quality and Ecological Modeling
This modular, self-paced, free online course gives you an introduction to water quality and ecological modeling and how to apply MIKE ECO Lab, DHI’s numerical modeling tool for ecological modeling. Register

Coastal Sediment Transport and Morphology
This self-paced, free online course presents a broad overview of the field of coastal engineering in 6 lectures. Register

Serious Play - Using Aqua Republica to Enhance Learning

In this self-paced, free online course we will look at what is serious gaming and how it can be used to enhance learning as well as to introduce you to an educational game called Aqua Republica. Register