21-22 June 2016

DHI UK & Ireland is very pleased to invite you to our annual Symposium. This free two day event is your opportunity to learn more about the varied applications of our modelling software, and our complementary technologies, through client-led presentations and training. The Symposium provides an excellent opportunity to meet DHI experts, as well as your contemporaries from consultancy, academia, regulatory authorities and research organisations.


DHI is one of the inventors of computational hydraulics. Our globally renowned MIKE software represents nearly 50 years of continuous development, offering the widest possible range of water modelling applications with unparalleled integration and performance. 


On Tuesday 21st June 2016, there will be a full day of client-led presentations covering projects, research and more general experiences on the use of MIKE software. The programme includes urban flood resilience, managed realignment, wave overtopping and inundation, three-dimensional river and estuary modelling, and cyclone and tsunami modelling. 

Confirmed speakers include: 
  • David Balmforth, Executive Technical Director from MWH who will give the key note speech focussing on Urban Flooding and Flood Resilience, in light of recent flooding in the UK. 
  • Darren Price from Mott MacDonald who will describe Managed Realignment works in the Medway Estuary.
  • Nick Clarke, also from Mott MacDonald, will speak about Mott MacDonald’s experiences using Remote Simulation and Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) with the MIKE software suite.  
  • Tom Ashby from WSP who will describe his work modelling flood risk from wave overtopping in St Helier, Jersey.
  • Rhys Coombs from MWH, who will talk about his experiences of using the MIKE software in recent studies relating to dams and spillway operation.
  • Mike Streetly from ESI, who will speak about about the need for truly integrated catchment modelling to simulate all forms of flooding, including groundwater-surface water interaction.
  • Arnaud Duranel from Thomson Ecology, who will talk about Hydrology and Hydrological Modelling of Acidic Mires in Central France using MIKE SHE, with a particular focus on the impact of changes in landuse on the mire.  
  • Dr Naomi Shannon from RPS, who will tell us about the Dundalk Bay Flood and Wave Forecast System.
On Wednesday 22nd June 2016, our very popular free training day, there will be four parallel training streams comprising:

  • Coastal Flood Analysis & Managed Realignment - In the morning this stream will focus on Coastal Flood Analysis and will be led by experts from DHI Denmark. In the afternoon, as part of a new initiative for our symposium and with a view to enhance collaboration with our partners, Mott MacDonald will present a half day introductory workshop experience gained from recent managed realignment projects. You will gain a valuable understanding of the aim of managed realignment, the levels of assessment and approaches to modelling, meshing considerations and parameterisation, model calibration (including data collection and the impacts of poor calibration), sediment transport and morphology modelling, together with reporting and management of client expectations.
  • Green Infrastructure & Integrated Catchment Modelling - This stream will focus on green infrastructure and urban water quality in the morning, and catchment driven long term simulations including infiltration methods in the afternoon. You will get a feel for screening level assessments (cumulative impact) and detailed design of SuDS components, including treatment processes in such systems. Advanced integrated catchment modelling techniques will touch upon long term simulations, rainfall dependent infiltration and two-way interaction between pipes in the ground and groundwater (leakage). This stream will be led by Morton Just Kjølby from DHI Denmark.

  • Estuarine Dynamics - This session will focus on the complexities of the estuarine environment, where freshwater and seawater mixing leads to density-driven three-dimensional processes as well as the interaction of river and tidal flow environments.  Careful consideration must be given to ensure use of appropriate modelling tools as estuarine dynamics and stratified flows need to be fully represented in any hydraulic model as well as wind-generated waves, transport of fine sediments and water quality. This stream will be led by Ulrik Lumborg from DHI Denmark.
  • MIKE Powered by DHI New & Future Software Technologies - In the morning this stream will focus on new functionality in MIKE 2016, including Underwater Acoustic Simulator (UAS), Dynamic Vessel Response System (DVRS), MIKE 21 Shoreline model. There will also be an Introduction to scripting in MIKE 1D and an Introduction into forecasting technologies.  In the afternoon this stream will look at  forthcoming developments and innovations including  the new Non Hydrostatic MIKE 3 model, and the introduction of Urban Drainage in MIKE SHE. The day will end with a round table discussion on development strategies and direction.  This stream will be chaired by Poul Kronborg and Johan Hartnack from DHI Denmark.

The training will be arranged such that you can move between streams during the day if you wish to do so.

You would be most welcome to attend either or both days, depending on your interests.


Last year we attracted over 100 participants including the Environment Agency, SEPA, Scottish Water, Yorkshire Water, OPW, the Met Office, Mott MacDonald, Arup, JBA, Atkins, RPS, Jacobs, AECOM, WSP, Waterco, Enzygo, Queen’s University Belfast, Heriot-Watt University and Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

Also in attendance were CH2M, ABPmer, Intertek and Royal HaskoningDHV. These global partners apply MIKE software on challenging projects worldwide and have signed long-term license and support agreements, designed to leverage software use and expertise within water modelling centres of excellence across their broader organisations.


For more information please telephone +44 2380 381961 or e-mail mike.uk@dhigroup.com.
We very much hope to see you at what will undoubtedly be a very interesting and informative event.
The deadline for registration and presentation submission is on the 3rd of June 2016.


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