17 Dec 2014

DHI USA partners with the Water Technology Alliance

DHI USA is pleased to join other leading water technology companies in an initiative named the Water Technology Alliance (WTA).

The alliance consists of Danfoss, DHI, Landia, Nissen EnergiTeknik and AVK. These five companies are joined by The Danish Consulate General in Chicago and by 3V, a collaboration among the three largest and leading water utilities in Denmark (Aarhus Water, VCS & HOFOR).

The three utilities composing 3V supply drinking water and handle waste water for approximately 25% of the Danish population. All three utilities have extensive knowledge regarding the operation of sustainable wastewater treatment facilities. Their knowledge has been gained through decades of Danish experience in wastewater treatment technology, energy management, storm water operations, and related issues.

WTA and DHI US conduct no cost workshops together. The workshops cover a number of topics including:
  • Energy Neutrality—Reduction & Production
  • Effluent Quality
  • Storm-Water
  • Controls

A video presenting the Aarhus Story and the "real-time" emergency preparedness technology developed by DHI is available here: