18 Mar 2015

Speaking At The Imarest Metocean Awareness Course 30 March – 1 April Singapore

We will be participating in the IMarEST Metocean Awareness Course from 30 March to 1 April 2015 in Singapore. Dr. Kim P Jakobsen – Head of Coastal and Marine Department, DHI Malaysia, will be speaking on ‘Numerical Modelling’, specifically covering the topics of ‘Wind and waves’ and ‘Water level and currents’.

The 3-day course will bring together expert speakers and delegates from various backgrounds who use or provide meteorology and oceanography (Metocean) data. As Metocean conditions significantly impact the design and operations of offshore facilities, it is vital that people who use Metocean information are aware of how the weather, waves, currents and water levels influence their work. Insufficient understanding of such conditions can bring about serious health, safety, environmental and economic consequences.

Aimed at those involved in offshore activities that are affected by weather and sea conditions, this course is a great platform for them to learn how Metocean conditions might impact the effectiveness of what they do. We are happy for the excellent opportunity to contribute to this learning arena.

Course highlights 

  • Learning why Metocean is important to the offshore oil and gas, and marine renewables industries
  • Understanding the various methods of acquiring Metocean data, how to maintain its quality and ways to archive it effectively
  • Studying Metocean parameters, processes and conditions around the world
  • Understanding how weather and ocean forecasts are derived
  • Appreciating the implications of climate variability and data trends
  • Identifying how Metocean conditions are presented statistically for use in various scenarios

‘The Metocean Awareness Course is another platform for us to share our knowledge and experiences. I look forward to seeing different perspectives to the same challenges being faced every day,’ said Dr. Jakobsen. ‘This kind of interaction helps us stay up-to-date in the industry,’ he added.

For further details, please visit IMarEST.

Metocean Awareness Course
Hotel Miramar
401 Havelock Road
Singapore 169631