14 Oct 2014

Preparation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management plan for Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat, India

DHI India has been selected as a consultant to support the Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) to prepare the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) plan for the Gulf of Kachchh.

GEC has been acting as the State Project Management Unit (SPMU) to implement the ICZM Project along the Gulf of Kachchh. One of the mandates of the SPMU is to develop and implement an integrated management approach for the coastal zones of Gulf of Kachchh. This is to preserve long term productivity of this highly populated region for sustainable development and economic growth through the ICZM Project. The project includes:

  • effective strategic planning Gulf of Kachchh, © Google Maps
  • stakeholder and public participation
  • conservation of the coastal resources
  • development of geo-spatial information system
  • sustainable capital investments
We will be working with the SPMU for 18 months from July 2014. Our team is divided into three sub-teams: a core team of experts in various fields, a support team and an advisory team consisting of international experts from DHI Group and PEM Consult in Denmark.      

The overall objective of the World Bank supported ICZM Project is to assist the Government of India and selected States (Gujarat, Odisha, West Bengal) in developing and implementing an improved strategic management approach for India’s coastal zones. The approach to preserve the long-term productivity of this highly-populated region for continued sustainable development and economic growth. The pilot project initiatives under the ICZM project are being implemented in Gujarat, Odisha and West Bengal. The project promotes an integrated approach for coastal zone management on a framework of multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary involvement. 

Key activities to be carried out by the DHI team will be:
  • Development of data and knowledge base on the coastal zone
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Identification of issues related to ICZM
  • Land use capability mapping
  • Inter-sectoral environmental studies
  • Development of Shoreline management plan
  • Development of ICZM Plan
The Project Director of ICZM in his first meeting with the DHI Team held on 2 July 2014, expressed that GEC has selected DHI as we are a reputable scientific agency fully capable of producing an ICZM plan which will address the current issues and will be acceptable to the stakeholders and the Government for early implementation. Details of activities and outputs will be defined in close cooperation with GEC during the one-month inception phase.