17 Nov 2017

13th Hydraulics in Water Engineering Conference

DHI had the pleasure to present at the 13th  Hydraulics in Water Engineering Conference (HIWE) held on the 14th - 16th November 2017 Sydney, Australia.

HIWE is the premier conference for Civil Engineers in the surface water hydraulics space.  The conference covers all aspects of water engineering from coastal to riverine as well as CPU and GPU numerical methods.

Stefan Szylkarski, who was part of  “The State of Hydraulic Modelling – What Does the Future Hold?” expert panel discussion, was one of four DHI delegates who attended this event. 

The panel discussion included topics such as GPU modelling, benchmarking software/approaches, cloud computing and how will AI affect our industry.

One interesting tidbit about the panel members is their links to DHI.  One completed his PhD at DHI, two are past employees and one is our current long-standing member of the DHI family, Stefan.

On Thursday, Stephan Suter presented a new approach combining physically based hydrodynamic models with fast surrogate models and a Model Predictive Control (MPC) framework for real-time optimisation of control of water infrastructure – “Improving Efficiency in River Management Operations Using Model Predictive Control”.

Following this presentation delegates learned about the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources challenge to manage releases into the Coorong from Lakes Alexandrina to optimise benefits of flushing, volume turnover and salinity dilution.  Timothy Womersley addressed this challenge with his talk on “Development of an Operational Decision Support System of the Coorong Estuary, South Australia”.

Mark Britton skillfully presented “Using Satellite Rainfall for RORB Calibration and an Exploration of Ensemble Hydraulics”. This paper focused on an extended analysis of model uncertainty, prompted in part by the release of Australian Rainfall and Runoff 2016 (AR&R), which has an emphasis on probabilistic approaches for rainfall-based flood estimation. 

Furthermore, Mark was invited to a panel discussion on "Innovation in Hydraulics", where he presented DHI's latest advances in 2D modelling together with other software suppliers. 

If you would like to read the papers presented by DHI or would like more information on how we can assist you, please contact us at mike.au@dhigroup.com or phone +61 7 3236 9161.