20 Jun 2017

DHI are presenting at the Australasian Coasts & Ports Conference

The Coasts & Ports Conference series is the pre-eminent forum in the Australasian region for professionals to meet and discuss multi-disciplinary issues related to coasts and ports.

The Conference theme "Working with Nature" reflects the increasing recognition of the need to design and operate projects from a perspective that places the natural environment at the forefront of the project, to benefit the community and nature. An increasing awareness of the value of ecosystem services, both marine and terrestrial, complements this philosophy and provides an opportunity for maximising the benefits of multi-disciplinary collaboration between engineers, scientists and regulatory bodies.

‘Working with Nature’ is DHI’s vision and strategy for marine projects to achieve sustainability and adaptability to climate changes. The vision of working with nature requires a deep understanding of natural processes as well as creativity to form new coastal elements such as beaches, harbours and lagoon environments in harmony with nature.

With this vision in mind, our Ports and Navigation sector have pioneered a suite to optimise port operations, maximise channel capacity and, improve maritime risk management.

Through the complete integration of numerical processes, we are able to provide highly accurate solutions compared to traditional methods. Building on the latest advances in computing, our systems are extremely time and cost effective. Our ports and navigation technology has yielded significant cost benefits to ports across Australia and overseas.

We will be sharing our knowledge and expertise at the following sessions and welcome those in attendance to join us. 

If you would like more information on how we can assist you, please contact us at mike.au@dhigroup.com or phone +61 7 3236 9161.