About us

DHI India Water & Environment Pvt. Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DHI Group. Established in India as an independent company in 2001, it represents over 15 years of dedicated research and expertise from the different projects executed all over India.

DHI India focuses on water resources, marine and environment consultancy services and sales.

In the water resources department, our competencies include:

  • integrated water resources management
  • flood forecasting, flood management, flood risk management and flood inundation modelling
  • decision support systems  including real time decision support systems for flood forecasting and reservoir operation and integrated water resources management 
  • dams & reservoirs 
  • river morphology modelling systems
  • reservoir sedimentation studies 
  • water quality modelling 
  • restoration of lakes , rivers and reservoirs 
  • feasibility studies for inland waterways 
  • river basin management 
  • ground water modelling 
  • catchment area treatment plans 
  • managing non-revenue water and water supply systems.

In the marine department, we have extensive experience in integrated coastal zone management, feasibility studies for ports and harbours, shoreline management, sedimentation studies, dredging and spill management and so on.

In the environment department, we have done projects on environment impact assessment and management plans.