How oceanographic forecasts improve oil spill modelling around Trinidad and Tobago

Predicting strong currents accurately is vital for a trustworthy oil spill forecast system

An oil spill will cause havoc leaving widespread ecological and wildlife devastation in its wake. Thus, it has become crucial to model probable oil spills and their impacts. This is required to mitigate the destructive consequences of such spills, as much as possible. Our client – Coastal Dynamics Limited (CDL) conducts numerous oil spill trajectory studies for their own clients. However, they wanted to improve their services, with respect to better current information in the region. As such, the need arose for more advanced 3D hydrodynamic modelling. We provided the necessary software and knowhow for such in-depth oceanographic forecasting and 3D modelling setups, enabling our client to significantly improve their own services. Based on our expertise, their new forecast system is set to commence operations in 2013.