The urban on-line water system for Zurich

A monitoring system to improve the city’s water distribution network performance

Due to a lack of information about the behaviour of, and hydraulic/quality conditions in the Zurich Water Supply (WVZ) network, WVZ started a pilot project with us. In this project, we set up an Urban On-line Water (UOW) modelling system in Hangzone Sonnenberg (HZS) – the third largest and most complex pressure zone of Zurich. The UOW consisted of on-line hydraulic and
water quality models interconnected with the hydraulic and water quality sensors in the network.

This will help WVZ gain actual information about the hydraulic conditions, the mixing of water from different sources and the water quality in the network. In so doing, WVZ hopes to improve the system’s overall performance (in terms of economy, service level and safety), through an increased ability to control and manage issues related to water flow, quality and security.