05 Dec 2023

Introducing MIKE Metocean Simulator: Revolutionising wave modelling for offshore energy and marine infrastructure

DHI is excited to announce the launch of MIKE Metocean Simulator (MIKE MS). This cutting-edge software product is a fast, easy, and flexible wave modelling tool that promises to redefine the wave modelling landscape for offshore energy and marine infrastructure projects. 

With a unique blend of speed and precision, MIKE MS empowers professionals, regardless of their numerical modelling experience, to assess wave conditions rapidly and accurately in both offshore and nearshore environments. Features like assisted meshing, advanced statistical methods, easy data access and the power of cloud computing, deliver simulations faster than ever before. No more waiting for specialists; now, anyone can generate years of high-resolution wave conditions in just a few hours. The fast setup can be re-used to kick start traditional wave modelling, if required for highly detailed studies. By seamlessly integrating selected global datasets from DHI's Metocean On-Demand (MOOD) Portal, it eliminates the need for cumbersome data processing, saving valuable time and resources while enabling data-driven decision-making.

MIKE Metocean Simulator user interface

Pierre Swiegers, Senior Metocean Engineer at DHI, commented on the launch, stating, ‘MIKE Metocean Simulator represents a significant leap forward in wave modelling solutions. We've dedicated extensive time and resources to address the unique requirements of our offshore energy and marine infrastructure customers. We're excited to deliver a solution that not only enhances efficiency but also increases productivity and drives growth in these vital sectors.’

Key features of MIKE MS:

  • Fast and simple setup - Begin using the software effortlessly with a user-friendly web-based setup and access to high-quality MIKE 21 Spectral Wave templates. Intended for all users, including novices and seasoned professionals.​
  • Assisted meshing​ - Generate a semi-automatic high-resolution mesh instantly or upload custom meshes, including those created with MIKE Mesh Builder.​
  • Flexible input data options​ - Automatically tap into over 43 years of continuous spatially varying boundary conditions from trusted DHI sources (DHI Global Wave Model, ERA5 wind, and DTU10 tides), or upload your own data point.
  • Advanced statistical methods​ - The simulator stands out by selecting and executing a subset of the extracted boundary conditions in a MIKE 21 Spectral Waves quasi-stationary solver. The simulated events are used to interpolate a long-term timeseries of results from the boundary conditions, ensuring comprehensive and accurate simulations.
  • Cloud-powered simulation and storage​ - Experience the power of cloud computing with MIKE MS, running simulations on a robust 44-core virtual infrastructure. Leverage cloud capabilities for collaborative project management and streamlined data handling.
  • MOOD integration - Seamlessly push data to the Metocean On-Demand (MOOD) Portal for a dynamic combination of map-based visualisation and data sharing. Elevate data quality control through validation plots for selected data points, unlocking powerful analytics.

MIKE Metocean Simulator is now available via subscription. For more information and to schedule a demo, please visit mikepoweredbydhi.com/products/mike-cloud/mike-metocean-simulator or contact Pierre Swiegers via email at pibs@dhigroup.com.