27 Jun 2022

Notice regarding restructuring process of the DHI Group

On behalf of the Board of Directors in DHI GRAS A/S, I wish to inform you that the DHI Group is restructuring its corporate set-up.

Effective as of 1 July 2022, the activities of DHI GRAS A/S, CVR no. / TAX no. 25621646, will be transferred to DHI A/S, CVR no. / TAX no. 36466871, and the existing DHI GRAS A/S will be closed.

DHI A/S has been the sole owner and the parent company of DHI GRAS A/S. There will be no changes to the ultimate ownership of DHI A/S, as the owner of DHI A/S is still DHI Fonden.

We are making these changes as part of the implementation of our future strategy for the DHI Group, which includes a further integration of Earth Observation data and analytics into all of DHI’s core business areas.

The changes will not imply any changes for the activities performed by DHI GRAS A/S, but in the future, it is DHI A/S who will be responsible for performance hereof. All contracts etc. concluded with DHI GRAS A/S will be passed on to DHI A/S without changes.

The process of closing down DHI GRAS A/S will follow the process for liquidation of companies in the Danish Companies Act. In continuation of the decision to initiate the liquidation, a public announcement will be published in Statstidende in Q3 2022.

If you have comments or questions to the imminent restructuring, please do not hesitate to contact us at mie@dhigroup.com.

Best regards,

Mikkel Esbjerg, Vice President, Group Legal
Agern Allé 5,
2970 Hørsholm,