29 Aug 2019

Unlocking capacity at Port Botany to safely bring in larger vessels

The Port Authority of New South Wales (PANSW) recently signed a contract with Seaport OPX to assist the safe transits of larger, deeper drafted vessels through Port Botany. This agreement is the latest in a string of collaborations between Seaport OPX and ports across the country to improve the capacity and safety of port operations along the Australian coast.

On 22 August at 1400 hours, despite heavy seas and gale-force winds, PANSW successfully brought OOCL Texas through the heads using their newly developed NCOS Online LIGHT system. The transit was overseen by Pilots, VTS, Port Authority Members and Seaport OPX representatives who gathered to watch a groundbreaking transit that would have been predicted as unnavigable using the previous navigation system. 

NCOS Online enables vessels of all sizes to safely maximise cargo and sailing windows. © PANSW

With the pilot onboard providing minute by minute accounts of his challenging transit over the radio, the team in the VTS Centre was rapt with anticipation as they watched the ship safely dock in the harbour. 

'The NCOS Online LIGHT system at Port Botany is allowing PANSW to expand windows for safe vessel calls by forecasting transit safety using the latest scientific and data-driven methods. This is a significant step forward for our team, and we’re looking forward to growing future capacity with this tool.' – Cameron Butchart, Manager Port Services, PANSW

NCOS Online, award-winning forecasting and decision support tool, incorporates forecast and real-time environmental data, vessel characteristics and transit information to provide detailed seven-day forecasts of the vessel under keel clearance (UKC) and metocean conditions. This critical information allows vessels of all classes to maximise cargo and sailing windows without compromising on safety. 

NCOS Online incorporates 100 years of technology development from DHI and FORCE Technology to create a highly precise UKC forecast system capable of delivering the same level of accuracy as a Full Mission Bridge Ship Simulator. NCOS Online's game-changing technology is supporting ports across the world to increase the utilisation of marine assets, reduce delays and optimise capacity well into the future.

'The Port Botany team is strongly committed to applying the most advanced technology on offer to maximise the value, safety and efficiency of the Port’s operations for their clients and stakeholders. To assist them with a small part of that journey is truly a great honour.' – Seaport OPX, Managing Director, Simon Mortensen.

For more information about NCOS ONLINE, contact:
Simon Brandi Mortensen - Managing Director, Seaport OPX Pty Ltd 
+61 7 55315993