24 Oct 2017

Queensland's largest container port now ready for deeper draft vessels without additional dredging

Advanced operational forecast service allows for bigger and deeper draft vessels to service the Port of Brisbane

DHI Australia is excited to announce that a new web based solution is operational at Queensland’s premier multi cargo port, the Port of Brisbane. 

The Nonlinear Channel Optimisation Simulator system, known as NCOS Online, is an advanced operational forecast service allowing for bigger and deeper draft vessels than ever before to service the Port, without the need for additional dredging. 

With the continuing surge in commercial vessel sizes, it is crucial for Port authorities to adopt effective expansion strategies to ensure that their asset can cost effectively meet growing capacity demands. Port of Brisbane required an accurate and safe solution to improve port efficiency and increase its capabilities without the need for additional dredging of the channel. 

NCOS Online is the only vessel under keel clearance (UKC) forecast system in the world to have the same high level of accuracy as a Full Mission Bridge Ship Simulator. 

By incorporating forecasted and real time environmental data, vessel specifications and transit information, NCOS Online allows each vessel to maximise its cargo or sailing window while ensuring optimal safety is maintained.

The system is carefully tailored to accommodate specific requirements for multiple user groups and key stakeholders in an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

The live system has been operational since 1 August 2017. 

Port of Brisbane Chief Executive Officer, Roy Cummins, said the Port of Brisbane was determined to ensure its capacity for catering for larger vessels continues to grow.

'Our new channel clearance system (NCOS Online) has been in place since August, and the recent record-breaking visit by the first 9500 TEU vessel to visit the port, the Susan Maersk, is testament to its capability.'

'It means that we can more safely and accurately determine the under keel clearance needed to cater for larger vessels, providing safety and flexibility benefits for a customers and reducing the need for additional, expensive dredging. By implementing NCOS and working with our partners, we are delivering on our commitment to never be the limiting factor for shipping on the east coast of Australia.'

– Port of Brisbane CEO Roy Cummins 

NCOS Online allows each vessel to maximise their cargo or sailing window while ensuring optimal safety is maintained. © DHI