31 Jul 2017

Estimating dredging impacts with certainty for Port of Tauranga

Customised web-based tool delivers better assessment of environmental impacts, reduction of turbidity levels and operational savings

Managing dredge projects to minimise environmental impacts is an issue found internationally. A large dredging operation of our client, Rohde Nielsen A/S – for New Zealand’s largest port of Tauranga – required strict limits on the turbidity during channel works. 

DHI worked with Rohde Nielsen A/S to provide a tool which estimated the turbidity level expected in the surroundings for any given dredge scenario with a combination of other dredging activities. This allowed operators to plan and execute dredging scenarios to estimate environmental impacts with more certainty.

Solution highlights:

  • Rapid assessment of environmental impacts based on predefined conditions
  • Only requires a relatively low web server load
  • Extremely informative inputs allow for optimal sequencing of dredging works, with the environment as the key element
  • Effectively minimises the impact of the dredge operations on turbidity levels

Mount Maunganui and southern entrance to Tauranga Harbour with the dredging equipment involved in the dredging works. © DHI