10 Nov 2016

When a river basin almost runs out of water

Learn how implementing an Integrated Water Resources Management System helped authorities rejuvenate the Hongshui River in Shandong Province, China

The Hongshui river basin in Shandong province, China, has faced threats to its continuous development over the years. Indeed, the river basin is increasingly running out of water, no thanks to reasons such as:

  • increasing demands from a rapidly growing population
  • industrial and agricultural activities 
  • insufficient water management measures

Implementing an Integrated Water Resources Management System
With the help of an integrated water resources management (IWRM) system, authorities are hoping to reverse these effects and rejuvenate the ailing basin.

The solution: Models which describe all relevant aspects of the water cycle were first developed, then brought together using the IWRM system.

The model-based decision support system developed for the IWRM is a highly efficient tool to simulate various management scenarios. This enables authorities to assess and identify economically efficient and socially responsible combinations of resource management measures.

Map of Huangshui river basin / Longkou and pilot project locations. © DHI

Transferable to any water management scenario

The approach can be replicated and used in any water resource management scenario. Components of the system can be transferred to other regions and scales – this means we can apply it to your scenario.

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