27 Oct 2016

How are you maximising water efficiency for your business?

A chemical plant in Singapore got its answer with a water audit.

Knowing where and how to cut production expenditure

Heavy usage of high quality water is common practice in industries. And why should it be? A specialty chemical plant in Singapore wanted to change that. Conducting a water audit is the best way to analyse a plant’s processes. DHI’s engineers developed potential scenarios to minimise water usage and improve the plant’s efficiency with:

  • a plant-wide water audit
  • the use of a water balance chart 
  • flow measurements
  • a water quality analysis

DHI carries out water audits to assess water efficiency of industrial plants. © Shutterstock / Mihai Simonia

The result? Optimised fresh water usage and lowered consumption rate by up to 45%!

Once implemented, our water-saving strategies can help the plant reduce their total fresh water consumption by up to 45%.

At DHI, we adopt an integrated approach to production and technology. When assessing water efficiency in a production plant, we look at the entire industrial value chain, including:

  • the use of resources
  • the potential for water re-usage and optimisation in the production area
  • the reduction of wastewater and environmental impacts

Read the case story to know more. 

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