28 Jul 2016

Advanced integration of modelling and enterprise GIS improves sewer planning efficiency in Singapore

In collaboration with PUB (Singapore’s National Water Agency) and Black and Veatch, DHI Singapore has developed a new approach to improve the efficiency of sewer planning.

Using MIKE POWERED BY DHI’s software in the data management, decision support and operational forecasting suite, DHI has implemented two comprehensive systems, the Sewer Modelling Module (SeMo) and Sewer Design Module (DeMo) that integrate sewer modules with enterprise GIS—geographic information system. The systems are designed to handle various models corresponding to different segments of Singapore and different years, the present as well as future releases.  DeMo also incorporates cost and performance criteria, taking into account economic and social impacts. This empowers engineers to evaluate performance of existing sewer networks more accurately and assist them to create better sewer scheme solutions if needed, based on their performance and cost of construction.

The integration of PUB’s enterprise GIS with MIKE sewer modelling tools has helped to resolve past issues that arise when synchronising sewer models with progressive changes in the network. The system also captures and manages a sequential series of models for the network to allow PUB to track the expansion of the extensive urban network over time.

The system is designed to not only embed the design and business rules that could be found in PUB’s Code of Practice on Sewerage and Sanitary Works, but also to bring together tips and knowledge gained by the experienced catchment managers all into the module. This enables new catchment managers to start their learning curve from the strong knowledge foundation provided by the system.

With the easy access to these information using DHI’s software technology, managers and engineers are empowered and able to go on further to contribute to the improvement of these practices to support Singapore in its endeavour to become a Smart City.

Singapore’s complex and rapidly expanding sewer network requires a tight integration of
enterprise GIS and models © DHI