04 Apr 2016

DHI grows innovation in New Zealand with Aqua Republica's new local version

A number of regional councils in New Zealand have joined forces with the New Zealand Hydrological Society, DHI and the UNEP-DHI Partnership to bring water stewardship to the next generation of Kiwis with the inception of a new version of Aqua Republica.

A team from DHI has recently initiated a new campaign to bring Aqua Republica to New Zealand. Called the New Zealand Aqua Republica Eco Challenge, the campaign aims to create awareness and interest in the game, as well as to raise funds for a customised New Zealand version. Regional councils in New Zealand have opted to take part in the challenge and have banded together to raise funds for the new design.

The New Zealand Hydrological Society (HydroSoc) is also behind the initiative. At the New Zealand Hydrological Society Conference 2015 held at the University of Waikato, DHI representatives highlighted Aqua Republica and ran a mini-challenge for conference attendees. HydroSoc endorses DHI’s initiative as they believe it will encourage the youth to think about the balance between water and the environment, in addition to the socio-economic needs of the community.


‘We believe this concept is a new idea filling a current gap in New Zealand, and adding to this, it presents a bird’s eye view and whole-system approach to Integrated Water Resource Management. We hope that once built, we might have an annual or bi-annual Eco Challenge in New Zealand.’ – Rose Jowsey, Business Coordinator, DHI New Zealand

The funding secured to date will allow the design of the new game version to be completed. Application for further funding has also been made by which it would be used to run the Eco Challenge. Rose Jowsey has been rallying councils and industry associations for their support. She has seen interest gaining momentum as people realise the value of our game to children and community members to become more cognisant of water and environmental issues.

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