29 Mar 2016

MIKE 21 used in marine modelling study for proposed new liquefied natural gas terminal in India

DHI was roped in to support the construction of a new onshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Chhara, India. Using MIKE Powered by DHI's MIKE 21 software, we were able to provide a base marine modelling study to analyse the suitability and viability of the terminal.

HPCL Shapoorji Energy Limited (HSEL), in their proposed construction of the LNG terminal, has engaged Engineers India Limited (EIL) as consultant to provide design basis for the terminal. Using DHI’s technology, we have provided EIL with data gleaned from the marine modelling study we have conducted around the location of the terminal.

With the full package of modelling solutions involving MIKE Powered by DHI’s MIKE 21, we succeeded in providing sufficient coverage of overall port surroundings and maintain required level of detail at key locations. This overall detail and data helped to establish the viability of the site conditions.

Additionally, our MIKE 21 FM provided hydrodynamic modelling by modelling free-surface flows. The model was able to simulate water level variations and flows in response to various forcing functions. Further, we carried out a mooring study to review the proposed mooring layout for the berth for three types of LNG carrier vessels. 

Another worrying factor was the proximity of the cyclone track during the November 1982 cyclone to the location of the proposed terminal. With this concern, we carried out storm surge simulations using MIKE 21 HD to assess the surge levels and the proposed site. We were able to create 2D wind fields with the cyclone wind generation tool in MIKE 21.

Using our technology, we were able to simulate design parameters such as wind, wave, current and water levels at the proposed LNG site to assess and subsequently ascertain the viability of the site as an LNG terminal.

‘The marine modelling studies conducted by DHI are of the highest standards and we are pleased with the outcome.’ – Dushyant Chaturvedi, HPCL Shapoorji Energy Ltd

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