03 Jul 2015

DHI USA conducts dedicated MIKE 21 training course in Trinidad

A successful MIKE 21 course was completed in Port of Spain, Trinidad 15 – 18 June, 2015.

The four-day hands-on dedicated course was specifically designed for the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure and gave a good introduction to coastal modelling using MIKE 21 Spectral Wave (SW) and Hydrodynamics (HD).

10 participants from the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure and the University of West Indies attended a customised training course, which included the following topics:

  • Introduction to the MIKE 21 modelling system
  • Presentation of general pre and post processing tools, including Plot Composer, MIKE Zero Toolbox, and MIKE 21 Toolbox
  • Introduction to MIKE 21’s mesh generator and examples of application 
  • Introduction to the MIKE 21 SW Model, including boundary conditions and applications specific to Trinidad and Tobago
  • Example applications of MIKE 21 HD Flow Model (FM) to tidal flow simulations and coupling of MIKE 21 HD FM to the MIKE 21 SW model to simulate littoral currents around detached breakwaters and other coastal structures
  • Simulation of hurricane waves and surge using the coupled MIKE 21 model for waves and hydrodynamics, including  generation of  wind fields based on hurricane track and parameters 
  • Tips and troubleshooting with model coupling
  • Q and A

The course was taught by DHI’s Senior Coastal and Marine Scientist Dr Julio A. Zyserman.  The training was a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises to show how MIKE 21 can be used to create 2D flow models, spectral wave and hydrodynamic models for littoral current and hurricanes.

A few participants share their experiences:

'Representing Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, this program was well delivered with excellent hands-on training and assistance from the course instructor.' Mr Jason Ganpat, Physical Impact Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety Unit, Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, Port of Spain, Trinidad

'The Coastal Protection Unit, Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, Trinidad wishes to express our gratitude towards the thorough and professional workshop conducted by Julio on behalf of THE ACADEMY by DHI.  There was a general consensus that the material covered and the way that Julio conducted the course lead to a thorough understanding of the MIKE 21 SW and HD modelling processes.'  – Ms Candice Gray, Shoreline Management Specialist, Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, Port of Spain, Trinidad

‘The training course provided a good overview of the software modules presented. The instructor was clear and explained in such technical detail that even though I consider myself to be an experienced MIKE 21 user, I still acquired bits of new knowledge at the training course.’ Dr Deborah-Villarroel Lamb, Lecturer and Programme Coordinator MSc/PhD Coastal Engineering and Management, Faculty of Engineering, The University of West Indies, Trinidad