22 Jun 2015

DHI conducts oil spill and ecological modelling seminars across continents

We recently conducted two successful oil spill and ecological modelling seminars in Canada and Thailand to share technologies that can help companies address environmental problems associated with oil spills.

Oil spills pose serious threats to the water environment and can harm marine ecosystems in more ways than we can imagine. To mitigate potential problems in ecological management, it is imperative that we are prepared – especially since spills often happen when and where they are least expected. 

DHI Technical Seminar Series, 29 May 2015, Canada

Titled ‘Modelling tools for evaluating and mitigating potential impacts of the oil industry on coastal environments’, this seminar was presented by DHI’s researchers Mads Nistrup Madsen and Dr Frank Thomsen. Their presentations included:

  • Introduction to ecological modelling of aquatic ecosystems
  • Introduction to hydrodynamic modelling
  • Introduction to oil spill modelling

The seminar provided the participants with a better understanding of potential applications of oil spill and ecological modelling, and demonstrated how our tools can be used to improve decision making and mitigate problems. 

‘Thanks for the informative and impressive workshop. I was very much interested in the modelling of fish movement, which was presented by Dr Frank Thomsen.’ – Shelton Liu, Senior Hydrotechnical/Coastal Engineer, Stantec

‘I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic seminar. I enjoyed hearing about the developments that DHI has been working on and I was also very impressed at how engaging Frank was while speaking over the phone from Denmark!’ – Neville Berard, Coastal Engineer in Training, WorleyParsons

Coastal Environmental Management: A Case of Oil Spill by Geo-Informatics, 4 June 2015, Thailand

Held in collaboration with Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA), the objective of this half-day seminar was to:

  • provide guidelines for the management of marine and coastal resources 
  • share information on the available tools in managing coastal environments, especially in the field of marine oil spill monitoring

Niels Hvam, DHI’s senior engineer and modeller, gave an introduction to oil spill modelling and presented a model application for an actual spill in the Gulf of Thailand. The model application was based on the features of MIKE Powered by DHI. 

‘The model applications could be very useful to emergency response planning - we were particularly interested in the forecasting of oil spills and its impact.’ – Nipa Nimmarnsettakul, Environmental Specialist, Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited

‘The seminar showed us how modelling could be applied to disaster management. It was also especially interesting for us to understand water flow in the floodplains.’ – Thanonnat Jaroenvimolnorakul, Director, National Disaster Warning Center 

For the past decades, DHI has been a leading innovator in the development and application of advanced modelling tools that have helped to shape and protect water environments around the world. We continue to share this knowledge through seminars and events in various locations across continents. Check our courses and events calendar to find out what’s coming up in your region and in your language.