25 Nov 2015

Celebrating GIS Day

The global community celebrates the annual GIS Day on the third Wednesday of November. This year on 18 November 2015, DHI celebrated GIS Day along with the rest of GIS users around the globe.

GIS commonly stands for Geographical Information System, a computer-based technology that enables creation, management, analysis and display of geography-based information. With a GIS, data is associated with known geographic location, enabling understanding of how different layers of data interact with one another on a landscape scale.

At DHI, GIS and other geographic-based technologies, such as global positioning systems and remote sensing, feature in many of the work we do across all water environments. GIS is the technology of choice for describing the present environment, modelling what can happen in an area of study that can range from local to global scales, and presenting recommendations for action. Applications include site selection and feasibility studies, environmental and social impact assessments, ecosystem-based studies, navigation studies and risk management.

GIS Day is a global event where organisations that use, or are simply interested in GIS, participate in the celebration by holding an event of their own.

Pui Cuifen, Section Head of Geo informatics, DHI Singapore, planned a simple concept where DHI offices around the world can organise events to celebrate GIS Day, and more importantly, celebrate geospatial thinking and applications done at DHI. We kick-started the series of events by inviting external bird researcher David Tan from the National University of Singapore to discuss the intriguing linkage between genetics and GIS, and how GIS facilitated deeper insights into understanding the connectivity of bird habitats in Singapore.

Truong Thanh Trung, DHI Singapore’s Senior Software Developer, did a sharing session describing how geography-based data processing is done in our web-solutions so that information looks better, loads faster and better meets the needs of our clients.

DHI offices from Denmark, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and China joined the events via online webinars.

‘David’s talk made me recollect a lot of my lectures from my university years. It is an awesome feeling to see how such knowledge can be incorporated to GIS!’ – Liaw Lin Ji, Environmental Specialist, Solutions Department, DHI Brunei

‘Thank you for organising and holding this presentation. I will share your insights with the German team.’ – Anna Zabel, Project Manager, Water Resources Department, DHI Germany

More events and topics are in the pipeline as we continue the celebrations till the end of the year. Watch our social media spaces to stay updated!

The team from DHI Singapore participating in the GIS celebrations. © DHI