A DHI é quem você deve procurar ao enfrentar desafios em ambientes aquáticos. Seja em rios, reservatórios, oceanos, costas e mares, águas urbanas, aquíferos ou indústrias, nós podemos ajudar.

Nossos profissionais no Brasil transmitem e ampliam os conhecimentos globais da DHI, desenvolvendo soluções locais relevantes para o país.

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DHI Brasil

Calendário De Cursos & Eventos

12-14 Jun
3 days
DAM BREAK MODELLING In this three-day training course we present you different approaches for dam break modelling, analysing the factors for chosing between 1D, 2D or integrated methods. Hands-on exercises and real case studies will enable you to apply tools and techniques for risk assessment and flood simulations caused by dam failures. Focus will be given to MIKE HYDRO River and MIKE FLOOD software. Brazil
3-7 Jul
5 days
SURFACE AND GROUNDWATER MODELLING AT MINE SITES This five-day course provides you with the skills you need for modeling water in mining. It cores typical modeling tasks such as dewatering, groundwater rebound, saturated and unsaturated flow, for both open-pit and underground mines. FEFLOW and MIKE SHE software are applied. Brazil
14-18 Aug
5 days
INTRODUCTION AND ADVANCED TOPICS IN GROUNDWATER MODELLING This comprehensive five-day, hands on course provides you with comprehensive training in groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling using FEFLOW. You will learn to use essential and advanced functions of FEFLOW and get an overview of the range of applications and the capabilities of the software. Brazil
9-10 Oct
2 days
WATER QUALITY AND ECOLOGICAL MODELLING This two-day course will teach you the fundamentals of ecological modelling and give you an introduction on how to develop an ecological, process oriented model. Ecological modelling is used to describe and simulate various process and phenomena of ecosystems. It is usually applied to model water quality aspects, the fate of dissolved substances or biological relations on population. Brazil


28 Mar
1 day
MIKE OPERATIONS Real-time overview of data for operational and analytical use. Learn how you can integrate observed and forecast data with numerical models with the use of DHI MIKE OPERATIONS Software. 06.00-7.00 UTC Online
29 Mar
1 day
MIKE URBAN Free of Charge, Introduction to modelling with MIKE URBAN. 12.00-13.00 UTC Online
30 Mar
1 day
PORT EXPANSION SOLUTION This webinar will give you insights to how our Port Expansion Solution can help you optimise your channel operability and sustainably grow trade now and into the future. Online Register
31 Mar
1 day
MIKE SHE Introduction to MIKE SHE and a presentation of the GUI. 13:00-14.00 UTC Online Register
4 Apr
1 day
INTRODUCTION TO MOORING ANALYSIS WITH MIKE 21 MA MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis (MA) is the latest member of the MIKE 21 modelling suite, extending the applicability of MIKE towards port operations. It helps designing ports and increasing its efficiency. The Webinar will give an introduction to the feature set of MIKE 21 MA and show application examples of this sophisticated and at the same time easy to use tool. A 1-hour webinar. 9.00 UTC Online
11 Apr
1 day
MIKE HYDRO RIVER Introduction to fully dynamic modelling with MIKE HYDRO River. 13.00-14:00 UTC Online Register
12 Apr
1 day
MIKE HYDRO BASIN Introduction to modelling with MIKE HYDRO Basin. 13:00-14:00 UTC Online Register
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