DHI USA is expanding its consulting services and building partnerships to deliver advanced software tools and solutions in coastal and marine environments as well as urban and water resource practices.

We are intently focused on growing our vast water consulting experience and sharing our distinctive software tools to help decision makers communicate about water management issues, streamline the development of 2D graphic models (even when they require complex data) and quickly deploy the web-presentation and mobile device information necessary to ensure emergency preparedness and mange water risks. You can find out more by reading our local news and references, accessible from this page.

Courses and events calendar

19-20 Sep
2 days
MIKE 21/MIKE 3 TR FM, MT FM, PT FM Fine sediment modeling using flexible mesh USA
21-22 Sep
2 days
Modelling of Underwater Acoustics Risk Assessment of Environmental Noise Impacts USA
17-18 Oct
2 days
14-15 Nov
2 days
MIKE 21/3 FLOW MODEL HD FM 2D and 3D hydrodynamic modeling using flexible mesh USA
14-16 Nov
3 days
MIKE FLOOD Integrated pipes, channels and surface modeling USA
17-18 Nov
2 days
FLOOD MODELING WITH FLEXIBLE MESH (FM) Take your flood modeling a step further USA
07 Sep 2016 MIKE OPERATIONS Development and Implementation of a Modern Flood Forecasting System. 16:00 UTC
21 Sep 2016 Coupled Surface Water-Groundwater Simulation with IfmMIKE11 You are looking for quantifying the interaction between groundwater and surface water? We show you the options of linking FEFLOW 7.0 with the MIKE surface water simulation tools. 16:30 UTC
06 Oct 2016 MIKE 21 Using Modelling to Evaluate and Minimize the Impacts of Dredging Programs. 16:00 UTC
20 Oct 2016 MIKE OPERATIONS Development and Operation of an Urban Stormwater Drainage Forecasting System. 16:00 UTC
10 Nov 2016 MIKE 21 Waves, Water and Sediment - Opportunities and Challenges with Integrated Coastal Process Model. 17:00 UTC
24 Nov 2016 MIKE URBAN 2D Urban Flood Modelling. 17:00 UTC
08 Dec 2016 MIKE SHE Opportunity and Challenges with Integrated Watershed Hydrology Modelling. 17:00 UTC